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Careful quality creed, strict and meticulous Chengfeng handed down from generation to generation

It mainly produces metal and non-metal hardness tester, metallographic sample preparation equipment, metallographic microscope, ultrasonic flaw detector and thickness gauge. Roughness Testing Instruments

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Laizhou Huayu Zhongxin Test Instrument Co., Ltd.

Located in Lai zhou, a beautiful city in Shandong Province,Laizhou Huayu Zhongxin Test Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional company devoted to research, development, manufacturering and sales of metal and nonmetal durometers. As one of the few bases that set foot in the targeted research, development and manufacturering of durometers in the early days in China, it hs been into this field for more than 60 years. It produces over 10,000 durometers covering 9 series and more than 50 varieties and specifications, more than 100,000 hardness test blocks of different standards……

  • Professional comprehensive enterprises
    Our country's fixed-point research and development, manufacturing base of digital Rockwell hardness tester
  • Quality and achievement brand
    The way of thinking decides the way out. Only by innovation can we develop concentration and concentration.
  • Sincere exchanges and considerate service
    Care for the vital interests of customers and perfect service

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